Heather Hemmens in Hellcats

Heather Hemmens – HellCats

Hellcats probably won’t win many awards for its script or anything else, but it’s harmless fun – pure escapism. One of the young stars of the show is the lovely Heather Hemmens. Her character, Alice, isn’t the most pleasant – she’s probably best described as nasty, or something stronger! She is, however, a very attractive, […]

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Maggie Q in Nikita

Maggie Q – Redhot In Nikita

The revamped Nikita has been playing since before Christmas with Maggie Q in the title role. She is smoking and the red dress in the publicity shots … well… what more can I say? Related Posts:Maggie QMaggie Q – Nikita – Promo ShotMEGAN FOX ~ INTERVIEW & JENNIFER’S BODY CAST (DEAD POOL SET)Julie Benz No […]

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Marisa Ramirez in Gods of the Arena

Marisa Ramirez – Goddess Of The Arena?

Marisa Ramirez plays Melitta in the Spartacus prequel – Gods of the Arena. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s a goddess: Related articles Marisa Ramirez: Spartacus Slave Girl (girls.gunaxin.com) New Bloody, Sexy Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena Trailer (cinemablend.com) Related Posts:Marisa Ramirez – Spartacus Gods of the ArenaMaggie QMarisa Ramirez Non-Nude Scene Spartacus […]

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Underworld

Lara Croft Getting A Facelift?

Lara Croft is probably the most popular video game heroine to date, but then again she probably doesn’t have that much competition. The first incarnation of Lara Croft appeared in the first Tomb Raider game back in 1996 and since then she has “starred” in 10 video games, as well as two films, with Angelina […]

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Megan Fox – Transformers

Transformers 3 will be out later this summer. This time round there won’t be any Megan Fox 🙁 Remember this scene from the first movie? Related Posts:MEGAN FOX ~ INTERVIEW & JENNIFER’S BODY CAST (DEAD POOL SET)Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyMegan Fox In Jonah Hex (yet again)Megan Fox Armani AdMegan Fox Armani Video

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